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psion48.sis 2.1 Epoc32 Epoc32 version of psion48, tested with S5, S5mx and Wins 2.1 Epoc32 Idem, compacted with Winzip (faster to download) 2.1 Epoc32 Idem, but to install manually ... Epoc32 OPX files needed by the manual installation ... WINS OPX files needed for WINS emulator 1.52 Sibo16 Sibo16 version of Psion48, tested on S3a/c, and Siena


Psion48 setup

Psion48 setup for Epoc32
This version est dedicated to PDA using Symbian Epoc32 operating system. It has been tested on Psion Series 5, 5mx and on the emulator Wins
In order to setup, download Psion48.sis or (unzip it to get Psion48.sis). Ensure that your PDA is connected by IR or by cable to your computer, and double click on Psion48.sis
If you have the sis file directly on your PDA, push the 'System' button (at the top left corner of your keyboard), then push the 'Config' button in the right toolbar, push Add/Remove and choose the sis file to setup (psion48.sis).

Nb: You can do the same with the Wins emulator, but after, you will have to setup two opx files that you can find in this ZIP file:

Manual setup
Download, and (or for Wins).
Do install the OPX Buffer et SysRam, that are included in (or for Wins).
Unzip, then rename the file Psion48.hFR (french. doc) or Psion48.hEN (english doc) with Psion48.hlp according to your language.
Ensure you can access the 'System' directory (System button > tools menu > Preferences and then activate 'Display System Folder'.
Create a folder called /System/apps/Psion48, and copy into it all Psion48.* files (do not forget Psion48.hlp).

Sibo version installation
This version is dedicated to older Psion PDA like SÚries 3, 3a/c, or the Siena.
After having unzipped it (use Winzip),follow instructions given intothe file called 'Readme.txt' that you should have obtain by unzipping.

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