Psion48 V1 screen copies

The screen below shows a Psion S3 (You should have similar screens with other PDA running Sibo16) stack filled with an expression ('ln(x)/x') which may be graphed or evaluated, the second level of the stack has a little RPL programme, the third level has a binary integer, the next has a string, the fifth has a compound number, the next a floating point number, and the last one a 3x3 matrix.

The stack
This stack has an unlimited size. All functions may be applied on any data type if it makes sense. Thus you can add a string and a number (this will concat the string view of the number to the string) or multiply two numbers as easily as performing the calculation of the hyperbolique arctangente of a compound number. All functions have a name that you can write with the keyboard, or you can use menus which may be changed by choosing a category with the diamand key.

Object displaying may be configured, as shown by the screen below. You can choose the language (french, english or german), the radix of integers, their size (number of bits), the screen display mode of floating point values (which also changes matrix and compound numbers displaying), the mode for angles (this may change trigonometric results and compound numbers polar displaying), the display mode of compound numbers.

Because matrices are often large and difficult to write, there is a special editor for matrix editing. you can have a complete view of your matrix, modify each cell, insert or destroy rows and columns, etc.

Function plotting
Psion48 has a plotter allowing to draw the graphical view of a function.

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